Braun Identity Collection Sauce Plus Blender Black


The new Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario has been designed to ensure easy and comfortable use due to its extra-light weight and the new slim, soft-grip handle.


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The Braun Identity Collection Sauce Plus Blender Black

PowerBell Technology

Patented hand blending technology proven to produce finer more even results.

Food processor

Chops, slices (thin and thick), shreds (fine, extra-coarse), julienne kneads and cuts into French fries shapes.

SPLASHControl technology

Prevents splashing – to keep you and your kitchen spotless.

Variable one-hand speed wheel

With 21 different speeds to choose from, precise speed setting guarantees maximum precision.

600 ml BPA-free plastic beaker

The 600 ml plastic beaker is BPA free and features ml and floz measurement markings.

Compact and handy

For easy handling and easy storage.

EasyClick system

Two buttons, one movement for quick and easy changing of all the great EasyClick accessories.

Powerful 750 W motor

For fast and easy preparation.


Easily whips, beats and stirs eggs, cream, fluffy dessert from low to high speed.

Purée / masher accessory

Effortlessly purée and mash cooked vegetables to a silky smooth result.

Blending & mixing

Universally convenient: either use it together with the hand blender to make a fruit smoothie or mix your favourite drink – or use the whisk attachment to beat eggs, eggs whites, cream or make creamy sauces.

Kneading tool

Even heavy dough for bread, cakes, pasta and pizza is a snap – produces dough as even and smooth as handmade.

Ultra hard stainless steel blades

Ultra hard stainless steel blades, angled in opposite direction to optimise blending results and reduce suction.

Soft grip handle

Partly soft grip handle for better handling and improved control over performance


Meats, hard cheeses, nuts, vegetables and more are just seconds away from ready-to-use.


Whether it’s herbs or onions, you’ve never chopped faster. The 350 ml chopper attachment eliminates mess and tearing eyes when you quickly need just the right amount of extra flavour in your dishes.

Dishwasher safe accessory


Shredding and slicing

From course to fine, the shredder insert gives you the perfect consistency for the fruits and vegetables in your dish. The cutter insert makes wonderfully even slices for salads, gratin, hors d‘oeuvres or casseroles.


  • Colour: Premium black

  • Comfortable 1-hand-speed-regulation wheel: Yes

  • Detachable shaft: Yes

  • Handling material: Soft grip

  • Knife material: Stainless steel

  • Power Bell metal shaft: Yes

  • Powerful, silent DC motor: Yes

  • RPM: 13500

  • Shaft material: Stainless steel

  • Speed: 21

  • Ultra hard stainless steel blades: Yes

  • Beaker: Yes

  • Food Processor – Chopping tool: Yes

  • Food Processor – Kneading hook: Yes

  • Food Processor – Shredding insert, fine, extra coarse: Yes

  • Food Processor – Slicing insert: Yes

  • Food Processor – All in one: Yes

  • Food processor attachment: 1.5 l

  • Purée tool: Yes

  • Stainless steel whisk: Yes

  • Turbo speed: Yes

  • Anti-splash metal shaft: Yes

  • Dishwasher safe parts: Yes

  • Easy click system: Yes

  • Soft grip: Yes

  • Unique anti-splashing design: Yes

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 20 cm