Herbica CBD Oil – Recovery Blend


  • Formulated for Recovery both mental and physical
  • 0.0% THC
  • Laboratory Tested

Herbica CBD Oil

Recovery Blend

Herbica Recovery Blend is a fusion of CBD isolate and specifically chosen terpenes which are other organic compounds, naturally occuring in certain strains of cannabis, with their own wide array of potential benefits. This blend was designed to promote faster physical recovery, particularly after strenuous workouts. The formulation has potential inflammation and pain inhibiting properties, anti-spasm properties, and holds calming effects for both the body and mind, allowing for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to rest-up and regain physical mobility faster.

What’s inside this blend?

CBD – 600mg pure CBD isolate. Studies have shown that CBD helps aid the body in resting, which can in turn aid in promoting faster overall physical recovery after workouts.

Myrcene – Found in certain cannabis strains with concentrations also found in hops and lemon grass. Potential benefits of this terpene include; pain-relief, anti-inflammatory responses, as well as anti-spasmodic properties for muscles.

Caryophyllene – Found in cannabis strains, with concentrations also found in cinnamon and cloves. Like myrcene, caryophyllene’s potential benefits also include that of pain-relief and anti-inflammatory responses.

Terpinolene – Known to be one of the rarer terpenes found in cannabis. Terpinolene can also be found in apples, cumin spice and lilacs. Terpinolene is shown to exhibit mild calming effects on both the body and mind- rest well, train hard.


Caprylic triglycerides, cannabidiol (CBD), myrcene, b-caryophyllene & terpinolene


This product is not psychoactive and will NOT make you “high”, it contains 0.0% THC. Herbica products are manufactured in a GMP facility for quality assurance. Herbica products are batch tested for potency, for the presence of moulds, yeasts and bacteria and for heavy metal content.


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