Mellerware 1.7L Vision Glass Kettle – 22400A


Mellerware 1.7L Vision Glass Wireless Kettle


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The Mellerware 1.7L Vision Glass Kettle

In all its glory, The Mellerware 1.7L Vision Glass Kettle from 4Shaw!!!

Who ever came up with the saying ” A watched pot doesn’t boil.” had obviously never seen the The Mellerware 1.7L Vision Glass Kettle. With its blue lighting ring and transparent jug the Vision Kettle adds a certain sense of entertainment to the average coffee-making ritual.

The cordless base makes it easy to clean, store and maneuver around the house or office. a single lid button makes it simple to operate and limits the chances of burns or lawsuits!! The auto switch off function also allows you to forget you were making tea/coffee and continue aimlessly on with your day… just kidding its a great safety function in case, as we all do, you get busy and cant watch the proverbial “pot boil”.

17 litres of capacity allows for almost 7 – 8 cups of your favorite hot beverage per boil! That’s a lot of cups!! The boil dry cut out safety switch also helps prevent electrical fires from burning down the work place or dwelling.

All in all its fantastic and all from 4Shaw.co.za

Mellerware 1.7L Vision Glass Kettle Features:

  • Cordless Base with auto Switch off
  • Lid Opening Button
  • 360 Degree Cordless base
  • Auto Switch Off
  • 1.7L Capacity
  • Concealed Heating Element
  • Boil Dry Cut out Safety Switch
  • Wattage: 1850 – 2200W

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